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Coquihalla Canyon

Coquihalla Canyon
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I rushed to scan the negatives without them hanging to dry as long as usual so edges are quite soft - but I kinda like that anyway.

Fujica 35-EE circa 1961
Fujinon 45mm/ƒ1.9
Kodak Gold 200 (exp. 1996???)
Unicolor C-41 Kit
scanned with a Nikon Dƒ
Date: 2018-09-15 01:16:00

Fujica 35 EE Fujica rangefinder Vintage Lens Vintage Camera Kodak Gold 200 Coquihalla British Columbia Unicolor C-41 kit K.S. Kuperis Fujinon 45mm/ƒ1.9

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just noted the camera you used for these photographs, were you lucky enough to get one with a working meter?
I have one of these cameras well made and from the look of these photos a good lens too
F. J. Walker 2018-09-16 00:06:34
[] I always use an external meter too, get constant results that way no mater what camera I use.
I was just wondering if every fujica camera I have ever had had a dead meter and I was somehow an exception. Guess not.
F. J. Walker 2018-09-16 07:55:37
[] Ugh....see what happens when you get jacked up on 3 espresso's and then can't focus! I deleted the blathering comment.

I think the Fujica's used selenium meters and that's why they're usually dead but I'm not entirely sure. If it was kept in its case the entire time from brand new maybe it would work. But I was just happy to find it working at all shutter speeds, even the slow ones, and that the rangefinder focusing seems to be good.
**ksk** 2018-09-16 21:41:51

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