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I love how different emulsions under varying light can transport you to different times in your life.

This shot just looks like something from 1984-1985. A guy with a mullet sitting in this chair chowing down on a piece of pizza would fit. Of course I never had a mullet....or ate pizza on Granville street for that matter ;-)

Nikon F-801s
Industar-61 50mm/ƒ2.8
Agfa HDC 100 {exp. 2002}
Unicolor C-41 kit
scanned with Nikon Dƒ
Date: 2018-09-15 01:15:59

Nikon F-801s Industar-61 50/2.8 Kodak Gold 200 Vancouver British Columbia Vintage Lens Unicolor C-41 kit K.S. Kuperis

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