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Leica Street Photography

Leica Street Photography
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Leica M9 + Leica Summicron 90mm f2

Leica Window Reflection
Date: 2014-01-15 00:18:45

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FZ 7 2014-01-15 00:56:06
One of your best ever. The line on the window that divides her eyes from the rest of her face is just perfect.
Maggie's Camera 2014-01-15 00:59:24
Superb Catch
Postcards From The Edge Photography 2014-01-15 01:20:32
Love the pose, the posters annoy me!!!!!!!!
ken_davis 2014-01-15 01:24:11
The posters are distracting but that's all part of street shooting, surroundings often cannot be cut out of the scene. Wonderfully balanced and exposed shot - nicely done Matthew :)
Leanne Boulton 2014-01-15 01:25:28
Excellent capture, superb image!!
justin burt 2014-01-15 01:25:41
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Rated RAW by the RAW Street Photography group
PM Kelly 2014-01-15 01:28:03
Mahfuz Jaffar 2014-01-15 02:00:54
charmante capture! bien vu! ciao
pier1970 2014-01-15 03:12:59
I've always find your b+w photos amazing. Nice photo.
Daniel A Ruiz 2014-01-15 04:02:09
I really liked this picture! Great shot!
Stefaniuz 2014-01-15 04:02:23
that's cool.
- Itch - 2014-01-15 04:05:00
You're giving these vintage lenses a great workout. The best part is that they don't cost an arm and a leg and yet can still give such beautiful images, in the right hands of course ;)
bored snails 2014-01-15 04:43:48
great shot
Broogland - Nicolas Gu├ędon 2014-01-15 05:11:49
Well done
Near Normal 2014-01-15 06:45:09
Absolutely The Perfect Photographer
You Deserve Another Perfect Photographer Award
The Perfect Photographer Award
The Perfect Photographer(Post 1 Award 2)
tame position 2014-01-15 07:27:13
Very nice.
Thien.Do 2014-01-15 07:36:38
top street stuff... wonderful picture
Jose Antonio Pascoalinho 2014-01-15 08:56:50
Luis_Amaral 2014-01-15 09:02:58
thegoonie777 2014-01-15 09:07:21
Matthew - love your photography.
Aris Vrakas 2014-09-16 10:22:12
Art DiNo 2015-07-09 07:18:25

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