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Nikon D80. Edited on iPad.
Date: 2010-08-10 21:04:58

iPad Nikon iPadography

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great work. love the motion and texture
golkOre (here and there) 2010-08-10 21:19:34
The way the light blows out in upper left is really nice.
Anthony.Vitale 2010-08-10 22:48:17
Really like how the newspaper (? or some undefined something) on the street gives the image depth. I want to get closer, life it up, see what it is, maybe read it.
Catch the Noise 2010-08-10 23:00:39
REALLY like the processing!
amaeye 2010-08-10 23:13:30
I like the scratches here - and the pattern on the pavement is very nice. Great blurred persons too!
Sascha Unger 2010-08-11 01:02:38
_HerRo 2010-08-11 03:29:11
radical and filmic, Dave.
YAZMDG (16,000 images) 2010-08-11 04:42:24
Very fleeting, like something caught out of the corner of one's eye, or something on the border of consciousness - wonderful mood here.
Gladly Beyond 2010-08-11 13:34:32
superb work!

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concerned afterthought 2010-08-12 01:15:41
Nice. I love that your shots are just abstract in a way and so much hidden in the shadows and blurs
pam's pics- 2010-08-12 09:51:11
Talking shadows !! ... just my world !!
Touareg *** 2010-08-12 21:22:38
Awesome shot!

seen in The cafe

commented with FlickrComment
far-flung sail 2010-08-16 20:41:33
Great picture

plz add your picture to Edited iPhone and iPad pictures
Dennis Borup Jakobsen 2010-08-17 20:30:42

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