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Crashed Islander, PNG, 1979

Crashed Islander, PNG, 1979
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A Talair Britten-Norman Islander that had got caught in a wind shear whilst landing on a remote uphill strip out in the bush somewhere. An Australian air force Chinook brought it back to Goroka one Saturday. It had suffered quite extensive airframe damage when it got slammed against the runway originally.
Date: 1979-01-01 07:00:00

Talair Aircraft Goroka Papua New Guinea Kodachrome 35mm transparency Olympus OM-1 Zuiko 50mm/f1.4 crash Islander 1979 this is not art

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The aircraft crashed at Wanuma, northwest of Madang, in 1979. The pilot was Alan Mourilyan who sadly lost his life in a shooting in Mt Hagen in 2004. I flew an Australian Army and Airforce salvage crew to Wanuma to recover the wreck and then follow the Chinook to Goroka. In typical PNG style, when the aircraft was delivered to Goroka a baggage trolley was positioned under the aft fuselage to replace the missing main undercarriage (as seen in other photos) and Hans, Talairs Chief Engineer, started the engines and taxied the aircraft to the hangar.
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