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Station to Station

It was fun to go back and pull all of these out of the noise.
Date: 2008-10-03 06:19:51


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This is like a future city.
I like the tone, too.
kkzyk 2008-10-03 06:29:35
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Artistic Shot - "post 1 comment on 1", and we'd love to have this added to the group!

really impressive light and feeling..
–tradewinds•> 2008-10-03 07:54:30
nice photo!
Luciana L Santos 2008-10-03 08:28:51

Post 1, Award 3
paul-rogue/artist 2008-10-03 11:36:17
you are a statiomaniac!!
modern_classic 2008-10-03 13:48:54
koga-san: is that good? it sounds good... but i'm really not sure...

have a look at the set and tell me what has to go!
Jon. Ellis 2008-10-03 13:56:21
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Soleil is me. 2008-10-03 13:59:38
Of course I saw the set. great work jon-san!! There is no photograph that I take with the subway / station!
modern_classic 2008-10-03 14:10:00
koga-san: i'm going to try to get it down to ~24 shots... there are still too many shots of the same type / style in there... need to pick the best one of each style i think. editing is difficult :(
Jon. Ellis 2008-10-03 14:15:06
this is beautiful...! the green is stunning. I like that it takes a second to see that it is actually a subway shot.
tokyololas 2008-10-03 15:47:03
Excellent perspective and composition...
Timur Yalcin 2008-10-03 15:59:07
Wonderful tones.
Cereal-Killer 72 2008-10-03 22:47:47
Coooool !!
toshiya watanabe 2008-10-04 00:41:14
Amazing shot !! Well done !!
-- (?)
ascord04 2008-10-04 01:32:23
love the colors. this is surreal. Great :))
yky. 2008-10-04 04:33:44
awbentley 2008-10-04 06:28:12
Beautiful capture :)
*Cake 2008-10-04 06:36:20
nice perspective!!
martin nieto 2008-10-04 07:53:06
Saw This In EXPLORE...
Made In Saipan 2008-10-04 11:15:59
Beautiful shot, very very impressive
_davidh_ 2008-10-04 11:48:27
wonderful shot, i love the dark colours
Jenny. S. 2008-10-04 18:55:55
Great work. Excellent capture and fantastic grading!
amichi's 2008-10-05 01:10:03
F l e u r 2008-10-05 03:44:28
woww so cool!!!!
recep-bg 2008-10-05 08:32:48
Really cool! it's like taken in Future!
I love the "Hyper" atmosphere.
miu37 2008-10-05 16:19:35
great lines and perspective.. perfect exposition
·júbilo·haku· 2008-10-08 00:08:41
great light and shadow captured! and the low-angle pov is interesting!
jomak14 2008-10-09 02:01:58
Sooo amazing!!
 Marc 2009-02-09 00:33:50
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ╠ 1 year ago- 1 an déjà- Hace 1 año ╣, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
Wonderful Gem


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Seen in the interestingness archives.( ?² )
Christine Lebrasseur 2009-10-03 19:44:33

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